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Originally Posted by Bookripper View Post
My first impressions of the Kobo screen were mixed emotions. It looked very soft and clean but the letters looked more grey than black. And the background looked too yellowish without the Glo activated. Compared to this, the Bookeen looks really sharp, just perfect.
To each their own I guess. I got that from the bookeen forum so it might be a bit partial ^^.

I'm a bit stumped now... I really like everything about the odyssey, but it seems the dictionaries are crap.

Originally Posted by Bookripper View Post
-Very Crappy dictionary but it's ok I guess, I got one working that finds almost every word. Kobo was a lot better.
I'm buying a new ereader to get a dictionary. Seems a bit paradoxical to get the worst one in that regard.

From what I read in bookripper post, I don't really want to get a kobo. Then there is the nook, I thought it was gonna be a good alternative, low price, good dictionary, next page button. Then I read this :

Originally Posted by dixieknits View Post
The Nook Glow and the Simple touch have page turn buttons that are really hard to press . I don't think many use them. .
Well... I really don't know anymore. Maybe I should look into the possibility to add dictionaries to the odyssey. If I can import a good one it should do the trick in fact.
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