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I understand that Meera but so far its not clear on what i should be doing at all.

I have registered.
I have converted to epub as you suggested and stripped the hardcoded margins as suggested, I double checked and made sure there were no DRM infested files, and believed at that point that I should have been properly set up to get books into my library, right?

Did I miss anything?

As you will see from these 2 screenshots, I am unable to send anything to the device. Not sure ifs even connecting so I have also tried dragging and dropping into the icon i have for Kobo on my desktop.

I could go into the calibre forum but I dont know at this point WHAT the problem is?

Have I not set it up right?
I wish I could find something really straightforward about how to do this but i haven't.

If someone could just tell me what the problem is....whether its my set up for Kobo or a Calibre problem or just me somehow missing something right in front of me than i will know what to do...


Sorry to be a pain in the a** but I am pretty adept at computers but have found this Kobo to be the more poorly set up device for instructions etc.
I dont understand if people have paid money for ebooks in the past, why would they not be able to just easily install them on this reader???

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