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1 - I think update has no problem, the problem is Komic cannot work well with my png files. I tested with some pngs from internet and they work but my pngs are created by Mokle and Xnconvert, they should be "legit". And I have "previewlandscape.jpg" and "previewportrait.jpg" in my png folder.

2 - I encountered a more serious problem. Whenever my Gallery folder contain 2 or more folders (even with jpg only). I cannot open them the normal way, stuck at this same screen. I reinstalled Komic a few times, still cannot avoid the bug.

I can open them with cover view, the folder with png files still has no thumbnail but I can open it.

3 - Contrast still does not work with my png, I could not test with pngs from internet because whenever I copied them to my folder, the confirm button went missing (yea, another new problem -_-)

An example of my gallery have all those problems.

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