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Originally Posted by meeera View Post
Have you set up your Kobo Mini, and put in your Kobo registration details? You won't be able to do anything before you do that.

There's a bit of contention over whether the Mini reads .mobi adequately. Either way, it's a simple matter to highlight all your books in Calibre, and convert to epub, which is a known quantity and which the Kobo will handle well. (While you're converting, you might want to strip any hardocoded margin, line spacing, and font size settings - in the Conversion settings, they're under Look and Feel > Filter Style Information.)

You'll need to disinfect any DRM-infested files before you do this.

JUst to double check what you mean, I am in the box now for FILTER STYLE INFORMATION

I see 5 blank boxes,
Fonts, Margins, Padding, Floats, Colors

Do you mean I should be checking the boxes besides each of the above?
( I have the latest build of calibre)

( I will need to look into what you mean by disinfecting any DRM---although I am pretty sure its been done for the files i have but i suppose i best learn exactly what to do and how to do it for future reference so i do know what i am talking about )

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