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Hey Vlad59,
The error that I was getting is that stuff just would not display. I think this is a "standards" issue or some type of browser compatability. I'm not sure how far down this rabbit hole you want to go, but the problem is easy to reproduce.

This website gives lot's of FancyBox examples: FanyboxApps and I'm pretty sure this is the JavaScript you are using for the popup boxes. One of the examples on the page is for customizing the "Title" attribute:
PHP Code:
beforeLoad: function() {
this.title = $(this.element).attr('caption');
Defining the Title in this way does not appear to work with
header ("Content-Type:application/xhtml+xml")
More specifically what I was trying to do is include HTML within the "Title" more like this example,

If I put HTML inside the title like various other examples for FancyBox do, then the Title will fail to render.
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