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Hi everyone.

First of all, I'm not usually one to go out of my way to be one of the first to get a certain product, but the Kobo Arc was exactly what I was looking for. And partly because of this thread, I ordered one from Canada and had a relative send it to me all the way here in New Zealand since I could not bear the wait till we get it in Jan/Feb (according to Whitcoulls).

Anyway... I love it. But I had one concern about the screen. Is it normal to be seeing a grid of little pixels all over the screen when you hold it at different angles. I admit you have to really focus on them to see them but it's a bit distracting. Now that I've seen them, I always see them. Is this a screen defect on my unit or is it just the Kobo's screen quality? I may just be accustomed to my iphone's retina screen...

Any response would be great! Cheers guys!
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