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Originally Posted by GRiker View Post
The CSV and XML output formats are intermediate formats, meaning that they are intended to be used as input to another program, for example a spreadsheet program. After importing the file, you can rearrange the columns and sort the contents in Excel as you choose.

It sounds like you have a particular workflow with Excel - why not create a macro?

You might also consider outputting your catalog in EPUB format and using the calibre reader to view it. You can create a catalog from the CLI, writing the output to your desktop, then open it from there. You can do all that without opening calibre's GUI.

As I briefly mentioned I get the csv output first then check comma and quotation mark while opening it in excel, then save it as htm output.

I did try epub and mobi outputs which gave me around 11mb file to handle while the htm output I often refer to is only 0.6mb and keep it open often to check/search or refer to in my collection of over 4000 items in calibre (not all of them books, some are university thesis) Not to mention I also upload a copy to the net as htm file for easy access from everywhere. I often update these files once a week too depending how many additional items added to my calibre
So the speed to open as well as small footprint to keep it on is crucial for me

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