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Depends on how much books you have I guess. But it's true what you say, maybe I should look a bit farther and consider converting books. It's just that I have a large collection of epub books.

And the buttons to change page are really important for me.

Actually I just looked again, nook, kindle and kobo are the same, if they have a touchscreen, they have no buttons to change pages. I guess it's just sony, pocketbook and bookeen that are leaving those buttons on. And bookeen are the only one who put it in a good place. I guess the pocketbook one are not so bad, at least it's easy to access the next page button with the right hand.

On my opus I can read using only one hand and be comfortable, with almost no movement from my hand. I just rest my thumb on the next page button and press it when I'm ready. I think this is just perfect. Too bad there is no dictionary on it

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