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Nook/kindle : seriously this is the best?

Hey there,

I've been reading a lot of reviews lately and I'm sick of them all saying : but it's not as good as the nook/kindle. The kindle only supports the amazon format, and I don't like that. The nook supports epub and pdf. and that's it. Not enough!

Ok they are quite inexpensive. But the fact that they are closed is a dealbreaker for me.

I've read tons of reviews and I really don't like their point of view. Lot's of reviewers says that the tablet is as good. Heresy! I'm a programmer I stay on my screen all day, when I read I want an eink screen. Why did we ever bother to invent this technology.

Well this is not only a rant, but I needed one because of all those reviews. My point is this : Usually when I read a review of a product, The author will always refer to the winner in that category for them. But in the case of ereaders, their judgement is completely flawed. What's important for me :
reading a book easily (screen quality, button to turn pages), a good dictionary, large format support.

I have ebooks in doc, txt, epub, mobi, lit formats.
As of now, my two choices are cybook odyssey and sony PRS-T2. They are a bit on the expensive side but it is not (too much of) a problem for me. I've also been a cybook opus user for 3+ years now so I'm comfortable with bookeen.

Now is there any other device I should consider? I heard about pocketbook not so long ago, but they seem a bit pricier. Looking forward to your input

I wouldn't write a post like this usually, but I'm sick of reviews saying I should buy the nook or kindle.

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