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Adobe Digital Editions Vs Kobo - kobo losing :(

Basically I think Adobe is ruining my week.

I'm Running off a PC (XP) with latest software updates.
Kobo software is uptodate, Calibre ditto

Installed Adobe Digital Editions after picking up some books at good prices from Books On Board.

Downloaded ascm files for epubs and a couple of PDFs. They seemed to transfer just fine to Digital editions - at least, they show up in the library list.

When I attempted to copy to the kobo it seemed to work (they showed up in the main directory file) but weren't readable... they don't even show up listed in the kobo library.

Trying again I got 'E_IO_CANNOT_OPEN' error message. I can't find any reference to what this is on the web. Ideas, anyone?

Note 1: The PDFs are readable in Adobe. (Also readable in calibre). MOST epubs only show table of contents and cover - not sure if this is related somehow?

Note 2: I keep getting 'delayed write failed' messages - I'm assuming this is related somehow?

Note 3: The only reason Adobe is installed is so I can read the DRM-locked stuff, the mere existence of which ticks me off. - not because I object to authors getting their (tiny) slice of sales value, but because I've seen DRM style protection schemes come and go (I've still got stuff from the 80s I can no longer access because of it for example).

Should I uninstall/reinstall adobe Digital editions, reauthorise the kobo, and say a prayer to Saint Vidicon of Cathode that fixes the problem? Should I try delete the files from the kobo first?

Or is it a case of factory reset the kobo as well, and lead everything back onto it through calibre only? Or Calibre for non-DRM books, and digital editions for DRM stuff?

If this all sounds n00bish it is because I am a n00b as far as eReaders go, and frankly a very NOT HAPPy one at this point!
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