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Return to the Future - Free on Sunday 2nd December

Hi all,

My book Return to the Future is free for today (Sunday 2 Dec). It was first published in Greece in 1973 and then in English in 1981. Here's a short summary:

Our numerically named hero 31,450,670 (colonized planets, days of the week, and regions of the globe are all designated with equal blandness) lives in "computer generation 2,354," an era thousands of years removed from ours. Thanks to the discovery of the nexus of evil in the human brain in generation 1,355 and the perfection of an operation for its removal, a "utopia of ethical and material paradise" now reigns-at least so believes the High Quotient, the leader of the human race. But if so, why are suicides exponentially increasing, as the populace's "feeling 1" ratings plummet?

When 31,450,670 discovers that his operation was faulty and that he possesses all the old vices-including murderousness-a battle ensues for the soul of humanity.

I hope you enjoy reading the book!
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