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Originally Posted by Stitchawl View Post
I'm a non-demanding e-book reader. I think in the past three years there's only been one e-book that was so poorly proofed that I couldn't get past the first chapter. I don't mind typos, I have no need to annotate, I don't need a dictionary... Once in a blue moon I come across a book that has all the apostrophes replaced with question marks. For some odd reason, that bothers me enough to put the book into a program with a 'search and replace' function, but then I'm good to go on. I read on a Sony 505 that has no touch screen, no backlight, just an old reliable e-book reader that I take with me where ever I go. I hope it lasts forever cuz I just hear waaaay too many problems with all the newer, better readers available today.

I am pretty much in the same boat as you. I have a Kindle, and a number of ebooks for it. The book I read most recently was "Son of Heaven" by David Wingrove which did contain some typos (usually involving hyphenation). This didn't bother me much, but it is immediately noticeable. I haven't had much issue with the other books that I can recall.

On the other hand, one of my favourite sci-fi books, "Desolation Road," by Ian MacDonald was recently reissued. I bought it immediately as the cover is gorgeous, and my old copy has since fallen apart. There were 3 typos ON THE BACK COVER! Reading the book was painful as it was filled with typos which completely took me out of the experience. At one point, there was even a sentence cut off in mid-sentence! I actually considered writing the publisher to complain and see if I could get my money back, but I was too lazy for that. The point is: reading "Desolation Road" in hardcopy was a far worse experience than reading any ebook I own.
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