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Where to get the best quality ebooks? (fewest typos, best formatted, etc.)

Hi, I've searched several discussions complaining about the high number of typos and poor formatting in many e-books, but I haven't seen any threads where readers have discussed which sources provide better quality ebooks vs. which sources provide poorer ones.

Since getting my ereader, I've purchased/downloaded approximately 45 books but have only used three sources so far: Kobo, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. (I read mainly in Aldiko, but I have most of the other reader apps on my tablet, so I can purchase from pretty much any seller.)

As noted in other discussions, I've found older releases (classics like Dickens or Bronte) do tend to have more errors than new releases, but new releases still do have some errors.

Surprisingly, I've already noticed that the Kobo-sourced books seem to consistently be of poorer quality than books from Amazon and B&N. They seem to contain more typos, have more missed scene/dialogue break points, and have poorer white space formatting than books from the other two sites. This has already led me to start avoiding buying from Kobo. Given that newer releases are usually the same price no matter where they are bought, I would much rather buy from a source that has a reputation for having fewer typos and errors.

Do you have a preferred source that you feel consistently has *better* quality ebooks?
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