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Originally Posted by geertm View Post
6 Inch e-ink ereaders are not a suitable for the kind of PDF's you want to read. You would have had problems with other 6 inch e-ink ereaders than this Nook, too. You bought the wrong kind of device.

For the kind of PDF's you want to read you need one of the larger tablets, not an e-ink device.
I am aware that other e-ink ereaders also have this issue, but I am aware of no physical limitation as to why they could not do it. I am fairly certain (but open to proof otherwise) that this is solely a software issue. The proof for this is the web-browser which operates exactly as a PDF reader should so far as 'panning' around the page is concerned.

So in short, "They don't make them like that." is not an excuse, it's the problem. They should make them like that because there is no reason (other than possibly marketing) not to.

So my original question stands, has anyone gotten around to making a hack that adds this feature?

EDIT: I should also point out that the reason I did not imediately return it after purchase was because I came across considerable discussion of this being a feature in an upcoming firmware update. Obviously this never came about.

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