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Question Linux: calibre in schroot chroot - device detection

Hi folks,
I run debian squueze (stable), but there I got only calibre 0.7.7 available. Hence I have a wheezy (testing) chroot I use with schroot, in order to run a couple of apps from the newer release.

In theory most stuff works fine:
The chroot has access to /sys and /media/kindle through respective bind mounts. When I connect the kindle to PC by USB, and then fire up calibre (currently in testing is 0.8.51), it finds my kindle and all is well.

When I eject (or just disconnect) my kindle, calibre detects immediately and changes the toolbar accordingly.

HOWEVER, if I reconnect my device (or fire up calibre before connecting the device), calibre does not notice my kindle.

Has anyone an idea, how to get to grips with this?

Thanks a lot folks!

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