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Originally Posted by Mono View Post
I would not say that problems with scribling in pdf reflow mode is the bug. I cannot imagine, how the scriblings could be correctly handled in merged pdf if created in reflow.

There is no correct solution except one. Not allow scribling in pdf if reflow. But someone wants to do scribling and does not need export to merged pdf....
Hi Mono,

Yeah, I agree with you about the scribbles. Scribbles do not work with reflow but the annotations [highlighting] should.

On the Onyx you can highlight a PDF in reflow and then change the view to 100% zoom and the highlights will be in the correct place on the document (unlike scribbles which will be out of position and oversized, etc.). In fact, PDF reading apps on Android such as ezPDF and ReplicGo Reader also allow highlighting and even underlining in reflow mode but like the Onyx's PDF reader freehand drawings and scribbles will not work with reflow just as you said.

So I can make annotations in reflow mode and see them in the right place when I go out of reflow. The problem is that these highlights are not showing up when I merge the annotations into a new PDF.

I thought I would get around the problem by viewing the PDFs in landscape mode (because of the i62HD's small screen size) and using margin crop instead of reflow but again I find that the highlights are not showing up when I merge the document (with the New PDF reader).

Am I doing something wrong?
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