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Question How to manage large library on NST?

How do you manage the library on your NST?

I currently have over 1000 books (ok, yeah some I may never read... but still, I gotta do something with them...)

I do understand that only a few of my most recent books will initially download when I register - and I can pick and choose which others to download to the device at any time.

But I also understand that ALL new purchases will download... so I need to find some way to deal with that...

Both for physical space (if it comes to that) as well as not really wanting to scroll through EVERY book to find what I want to read.
I've also read that shelving isn't that great - and that you have to scroll through the full book list to add books to shelves... so adding a "to be read" shelf or even a shelf for books that have already been read... might not be as convenient as it seems.

I had thought about "archiving" books after they've been read.... that way I know what I have read... but that also means, I can't archive "other" books to get them off the device (unless it's a book I don't care about the "read" status of - and so long as I don't mind them "out of sight" (at least out of sight without making a point to go through the archive list - and plus that list could get quite long if I do that, too). But from what I've read so far, archiving "read" books seems the easiest way to track that - which is definitely something I want to do... track which books I've already read.

I will probably use calibre to manage my library somewhat - just not sure if I want to sideload everything - or still download direct from BN. So not exactly sure HOW or to what extent I'll use Calibre. Plus I'm not entirely sure what all is possible with it - as far as organizing and managing an e-book library.

And I will definitely backup through Nook PC at least. And then as part of my normal PC backup.

Any suggestions on specifically how to use calibre to manage a library (mostly just BN books at this time, but I do have some others) or any other suggestions as to what you do to manage your e-book library that might be helpful with the limited space on NST?

Yes, I do plan to get an SD card -that gives me more space but not sure about the e-book management side - what you can/can't do with books on the card (whether its the same or different from internal memory or what that even is - for either type of storage).

I don't have my device yet - but it is being shipped so expecting it soon.
Just trying to get a head start and get a plan in place (even if I update/change it) so i can try to get a handle on it before it gets too out of control.

Any advice is appreciated.

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