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iPad Mini Review from a Kindle Fanatic

I've owned 5 different Kindles, including a first hour order of the original Kindle. I read a lot and have spent many hours with a Kindle in hand. I also travel a good bit and in the past have had two devices with on every trip - my Kindle and an iPad or MacBook. I've now had an iPad Mini for a few weeks and have used it instead of an iPad and Kindle. Here are some thoughts:

1. One light device that is a joy to hold and use.
2. No eye strain from hours or reading on a non-e-ink device.
3. Battery life is not an issue as long as I charge each night. I had one day with two flights and a five-hour delay and was on the Mini reading, watching movies, and checking email for about 10 hours and I still had 12% of battery when I plugged it in for the night.
4. More flexible device. I'm posting this on my Mini. Try doing that on a Kindle.
5. Screen size is perfect. Like the difference between a standard paperback and a trade paperback. More text per page with the same font size.

1. Need to bring a charger. (See #3 above. I never took a Kindle charger with when I traveled.)
2. I had to move away from a brightly lit airport window to read one time. The e-ink screen would have handled the glare with ease.
3. No in-app book purchasing. You can buy books from the Mini but have to use Safari. It's a little convoluted and not nearly as convenient.

All in all - I am probably done buying Kindles. My wife just took over my Paperwhite. The iPad Mini is now my e-reader of choice.
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