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header margin question

I'm using Sigil 0.6.0, WinXP. I have a very simple text for testing and this is what happened:
1) I loaded 1st my CSS file
2) linked the CSS to my html file (by right click on the html file and Link Stylesheet...
3) enter this simple test text
header 1
header 2
header 3
4) when I highlighted the header 1, then clicked on the h1 button on the menu, the text changed according to what specified in my CSS
5) the same happened when I did the same with header 2 (assigned to h2)
6) but when I tried to assign h3 to header 3, there's a margin before the header, I tried to add
to no avail.
7) then I went to Preview View and found that there's
-webkit-margin-before: 1em;
. It seems this code is from Sigil, how can I get rid of it or remove it?
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