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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
If you had used a tri-state #read,and treat Blank as No, No as:*ell No

There is already a 'Tags to Apply when Adding' Preferences: Adding Books

Rating: ?? why rate a book you haven't read ?? Blank is good
Oooh, I had somehow missed that so thank you
As for the rating, since I collect a lot more books than I have the time to read I like to sort the books after how soon I'd like to read them. Eg. When I get a new collection by an author I rate the book most important to read 4, the books I'm currently reading are 5 and books I want to read after I've read another book (like in a series) are 2. The others are 3. Gives a fast visual overview since unread books have stars of a different colour.
Keeps my to-read list (arguably ) reasonable and my head from exploding...
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