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Originally Posted by paolog View Post
and in your cfg editing did you find something related to the explorer and related to file management?
No, maybe because I didn't look for it.

Originally Posted by paolog View Post
in the previous firmware you were able to do basical operations on files (like move app from device to sd) now those are allowed only for ebooks so you need poterm do move a photo or to put a dictionary in his directory (see after)

btw, with the new firmware you don't see anymore the whole directory structure when you attach the device to a pc, at least if it runs windows;
Well, that's a bad news. Although I still run 3.2 firmware but I run windows and don't have plans to go into linux. This is another reason for me to restrain 4.0 upgrade.

Originally Posted by paolog View Post
you still view them if mounted in linux or in poterm (that uses busybox)
So I have to try one of these.
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