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Originally Posted by alpreston View Post
I had the Kobo desktop running on my 64-bit Kubuntu 12.04 machine, but since upgrading to Kubuntu 12.10 it no longer works.
They will never keep up updating the desktop application for GNU/Linux. Stop complaining! It has been frozen for an eternity and I even offered to help with packaging and so on -for free.

This is a waste of our time.

Originally Posted by alpreston View Post
I've tried several of the tricks I did to get it working on 12.04, but that hasn't helped. I'm now getting the error message "Kobo: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib32/ undefined symbol: _ZN6QLabel9setPixmapERK7QString"
The best option you have at hand right now is using Chromium web
browser (or Chrome if you like spyware and backdoors). There is an app which renders obsolete the desktop one, due to the fact that the desktop application didn't even support hardware or self updates to begin with.

I keep using Kobo at this point just because their book prices aren't that bad and their hardware has not blown in my face.

Be happy and prosperous in free [as in freedom] software.

This myopic companies aren't doing any favor to us by supporting our system. It is in their own interest. But CEOs and sales people are often too self-invested to understand that.
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