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Originally Posted by jackie_w View Post
If it's the Sony thumbnails which are not displaying correctly (rather than page 1 of the epub) then you need to look at your settings in the Sony device driver, i.e. Prefs - Plugins - Device Interface - Sony - Customise

There are 2 checkboxes:
  1. Upload separate cover thumbnails
  2. Refresh separate covers when using automatic management

Option 1 will create a thumbnail from the cover set in calibre and send it to the Sony whenever you send a book (any format) to your device. It ignores whatever cover may actually be inside the book - epub in your case.

Option 2 goes a step further and will refresh all your thumbnails every single time you connect the device, i.e. no books need to be sent. The refreshed thumbnails are created from the cover you currently have set in calibre at the time you connect. Once again, any cover inside the book is ignored. Option 2 will only work if you have set Prefs - Sending books to device - Metadata management to Automatic.

Option 2 ensures that your Sony and calibre are always in sync as regards thumbnails but may take a long time to run every time you connect if you have a lot of books on your device.

Option 1 is faster but only sends the thumbnail when you send-to-device.

Take your pick

A reasonable compromise is to choose Option 2, connect your device to get everything in sync, then after you've disconnected go back to Option 1.
Thank you! This solved every problem, including both thumbnails and covers. Thank you for going out of your way to inform me of this.
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