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i've been a loyal kindle user for the past few gens but wanted a 2nd ultra small one for my backpocket on the subway rides when i'm carrying nothing...after reading about the beagle and that 5" kobo, i thought back "wasn't that awesome little sony 350sc a 5" too?" The build quality of those compared to the sony is like a 80's hyundai to a 80's accord. night and day...looked around on ebay and ended up picking one up for 40 bucks. that is INSANE deal wise. this thing is ridiculously great for that price. going to use it as a secondary reader to my basic kindle (for the record, i think the paperwhite is one gen from being incredible. too much light shades in pitch dark). anyhow, this sony. AWESOME. a nice sidenote: i picked up the general amazon GPS case and it fits the sony reader LIKE A GLOVE. the sides stick out but the thickness and length are perfect..anyhow, carry on readers!!! i just saw that there is a font hack from this thread for the sony so i'm going to check it out.

I can't believe how good this thing displays pdf's. holy cow. puts kindle's pdf viewing to absolute shame.

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