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That doesn't seem right. I'm using this recipe, and it gets the article actually pretty nicely, without any trouble.

I basically want access to the URL that gets returned by "print_version", trim off the last bit, and then go download the link defined in the article for a table (see line 383 here for an example), and then download, soupify, extract the table, and insert into the article directly.

To do that, I need the original URL that was used to download the article. It doesn't seem like it should be hard to do.

Are you telling me to use "get_obfuscated_article()" to just write a full custom defined method for this article? It doesn't seem like I should have to do that, because as I said, some simple tweaks to the recipe seem to get 99% of the content I need just fine. I want to do this in post-processing because not necessarily every article will have tables, but many of them will have images, which the basic recipe seems to do very nicely.
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