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Originally Posted by l_macd View Post
(...) but it's generally pretty much accepted that none of the standard 6" ereaders are that great for PDFs (the screen is just too small), and so you'd be better sticking with a tablet for them.
With a reader like the original iPad, resolution 1024x768 in landscape, and software like GoodReader or PDF Expert, it zooms well, and tapping to either skip to the next half of the (scanned) page or to the next page in the PDF, it works really well.
On the Kindle DX, it works, (even if it's is a little more clumsy). But the main problem seems to be lack of CPU power, as it takes too long to skip to the next part of the page.

I guess I should try to find a store with Kobo/Bookeen and check out how it pans/zooms images/PDFs ...
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