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Hello again. I must start off by saying that I really like the functions in Duokan over Amazon's OS.

However, it seems that I am having a couple issues yet, and while I was able to install Duokan and change the language to English, I cannot get a new dictionary in or install screen savers. I have followed the directions in the FAQs by creating the directory /Savers/ under DK_System in root and I added 600X800 grayscaled .png files, but the directions do not make sense to me, "In 2nd page of System Settings, press '7' key to set 'screen saver image settings." There is no 7 on page two, but there are letters. Has the interfaced been changed since the writing of the FAQs? I'm not sure what I need to do to install Screen Savers.

Additionally, it seems that there are some options under system settings that did not get translated over to English: E on page one, C and D and E (on E specifically, the selections after EPUB/MOBI), and page four which should say "Serial Number" for A and "MAC ADDRESS" for B.

But back to my other problem regarding installing a dictionary. The links are dead on the FAQs, but I have a few files that should work; so, I tried to install the Concise Oxford English Dictionary. I made the directory root\DK_System\system\dict\ and added the files with the extensions .idx, .ifo, and .dict . I restarted through settings and it doesn't seem to work. Am I doing it wrong?

Thanks for your time.
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