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Originally Posted by pepe_alter_ego View Post
Well, it seems to me that the stylus driver got worse in "1.8.20121113" with respect to "1.7 20120927".
In the "old" version, if the "stylus" became "stuck", I simply moved it up by about 0.5 to 1 cm and then down again (or "out" from the screen and then "in" again) and it was working again.
In the "new" version, this trick not always works ... it seems to me that I sometimes need to try to "click" something, then I need to move the stylus "out" and "in" and then it works again. Also, it seems to me that if I don't use the stylus for a longer time (but it's "outside" all the time), then the problem appears again when I try to use it. Sometimes I even need to perform this "out" + "in" actions twice in order to get it working again.
I agree.
I also can see this behaviour very frequently!
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