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Originally Posted by xendula View Post
I picked up a Nook ST for $49 during the BF sale at Target,

like to make sure I can back out of the root.
I, too, got a Nook-ST at Target for $50.

I read several Internet/news/info articles and prefer to NOT print
on paper or read on the screen... I found that preparing a .pdf
file of my daily reads works well for me...

I happened upon a 'root NST' article and tried it...
and mine would not boot-up... likely several errors, but the
primary one was the article did NOT mention to apply "rooting"
to particular softwareOS-versions... mine was v1.0.1 and the
rooting was to be applied to v1.1.0

I was disappointed in losing my Nook, but understood it was my fault.

however, I lucked upon a solution to ReInstall the Android system
via the microSD card and now have my Nook running again as v1.1.0

I would still like to "root" it, just for the gMail and (limited) surfing
but still be able to use the crisp E'ink display to read my daily news.

I will search for a method to prepare a microSD card with the
Android system on it and when I insert the card, it will boot and
run from the card... allowing me to play/learn/modify the system
while running from the card-only... then shutdown/remove the card
and reBoot the Nook to restore the normal eReader...

so, go ahead and open your package, it forces you to 'register'
before it does anything!, so have your "user id" set up
from their website (use if you can as it makes the
android marketplace easier to use -- so I hear, I've only loaded
via the microSD -or- usb cable from my Win-netbook)

enjoy and you can search for many Free-titles and articles as
.pdf files (or make them yourself by SaveAs from your word processor)
and load them onto the Nook-ST to view them...

I found one site that is well formatted and helpful for Nooks
they have a section for the ST and rooting info.

Yes, rooting "can be" reversed... but it would depend upon the
method and how much you modified as rooted...

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