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Sigil and chapters.

I use the epub format exclusively and I sometimes have to convert files from different formats to epub. There again, I use Calibre, exclusively, usually ebook-convert on the command line. When Calibre has finished converting I load the file into Sigil because Sometimes Calibre won't detect the chapter headings automatically. Now here comes the problem:
Calibre has split each chapter into a separate htm file, so it must know where the chapter breaks are. Anyway sometimes I can use Sigil to generate the chapters in the TOC like this: In the lower right corner of Sigil there is a button labled "Generate Table of Contents". If I press this button a dialog opens and a list of all the chapters is there and I can click ok and the toc will be filled with chapter titles that correspond to the htm files on the left.

This works sometimes and sometimes it don't. My question is, "How can I get it to work all the time, automatically? Why won't it work every time?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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