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please help ... merge scribbles with PDF

Hello all,

the screen of my Onyx M92 has given the ghost and I am unable to access some important marks/scribbles I made in 3 books.

Earlier, I had tried to merge these scribbles with the PDFs, but this did not work for these 3 books. Now that the M92 is broken, I am unable to read them.

It seems these scribbles are saved in .pdf.sketch-files, but my computer does not open these.

I am panicky, because I needed these marks for a conference presentation in early January. The unexpected crash of the M92 is now causing great distress.

I am wondering if someone with a kind heart and some spare time could help? If I supplied the PDFs and the .pdf.sketch-files, would it be possible for someone to open them into his/her M92 and then merge the two? It would be delightful if that were possible and it should only take 5 minutes.

Indeed, I feel there should be a website where Onyx users can do this for themselves, considering that this function does not work consistently on the M92.

Many thanks for anyone willing to help.

Tony (e-mail: m y t h o p e d i a @ h o t m a i l . c o m)
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