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Have you been whiling away your evenings recently watching YouTube videos of the Rolling Stones (average age: 68) at the O2 Arena? Do you download Paul McCartney (age: 70) bootlegs from dodgy torrent sites? Do you look at the ‘What’s On’ adverts in your local newspaper to see who’s playing in your town, and find yourself amazed that groups you thought had split up years ago are still trudging round the clubs? And are you tempted to actually go and watch these dinosaurs?

Rock and Roll: It used to be about youth. It used to be about rebellion. It used to be the future. Teenagers loved it, parents hated it; that was how it worked. Nowadays rock and roll is something sad middle aged blokes listen to. Teenagers would rather watch the X Factor or play computer games…

If you’ve ever wondered how this state of affairs came to be, this book might be for you. Or even if you’ve never wondered at all about it and think the X Factor is really where it’s at, who knows, you might still enjoy it…

Steve Pearce is moderately successful businessman living a comfortable but unremarkable life in north London.

Forty years ago however, Steve led a somewhat less unremarkable life as bass guitarist in the rock band Rydberg State; back then he had his eye on the big time…

When he receives a telephone call informing him of the death of Brian Halstead, Rydberg State’s erstwhile leader, songwriter and vocalist, Steve looks back on his former life as a rock musician and wonders where it all went wrong…or whether, in fact, it did go wrong at all.

From Buddy Holly to the Beatles, from the streets of swinging London (and slightly less swinging Birmingham) to the pomp and pretension of progressive rock, from the beery back-to-basics of pub rock to the year zero slash and burn of punk, Steve looks back on the music that surrounded him in the sixties and seventies and considers his part in it all.
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