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Originally Posted by DoctorOhh View Post
I could be 100% mistaken since I don't use rtf, but I believe I understand your problem and for the most part it is self inflicted.
On its own, Calibre is removing my tabs and inserting spaces between paragraphs. That's the underlying problem. There is nothing self-inflicted about it. My question is: How do I get Calibre to stop reformatting my document on its own?

I tested a couple of ways to counter-act these Calibre-inflicted flaws (for example, I checked the box to remove spaces), but those created new problems. (Perhaps that's what you're referring to when you say the problems are self-inflicted?) If I follow your suggestion and stop fiddling with those settings, it certainly addresses these new problems, but it does nothing about the underlying problem. Your suggestions merely get me back to square one (with no tabs and spaces between my parapgraphs).

Originally Posted by DoctorOhh View Post
You could do as Kovid suggested and save the rtf as web paged filtered then convert to mobi making sure you have a neg value under the indent size so calibre doesn't change your indents (see attached).
As I noted earlier, I tried that and it didn't work.

Originally Posted by DoctorOhh View Post
If you don't want calibre to change your paragraph indents during conversion then quit telling calibre to change your paragraph indents.
Again, Calibre is removing them on its own. I am not telling it to. That's the point of my entire message which you've missed time and time again! Calibre is making changes on its own and I want it to stop! After Calibre removed my indents on its own I've tried telling it to put them back in, but Calibre indents everything and can't differentiate between text that should not be indented.

Other posters have suggested that I replace the tabs in my document with indents using Styles. That sounds like it could address my underlying problem. I will give that a try.

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