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Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
Add this to your personal.ini under section []:

That will suppress the ribbon being used as a cover image. I'll include that in defaults.ini in the next version, too.

The ribbon will still appear in the summary, however.

Well, the ribbon is fairly harmless in the summary so no big deal. I don't use dramione much either so doing some manual tweaking of metadata is also not a big deal.

Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
In that particular story, the banner images you refer to are in the individual chapter descriptions. FFDL doesn't pick up chapter descriptions, so it doesn't automatically use any of those images. If you look, I expect you'll find that the stories that do pick up those images automatically also have them in the chapter text.
Ah, true. Good point. I see other stories from the site have the banners elsewhere and they're picked up fine as cover art and not in the story summary.
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