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oldnat began at the beginning.
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I think I have it.

I changed the file openings to binary (r to rb and w to wb) in line 165-166 and now:

C:\Python33\python -p quick_english-hungarian -f en -t hu -d
[INFO] Input dictionary has sequence type 'm'.
[INFO] Debug mode is on.
[INFO] Starting conversion with the following parameters:

[INFO] Dictionary file: en-hu.dict
[INFO] Index file: en-hu.dict.idx
[INFO] Language from: en
[INFO] Language to: hu
[INFO] License: GNU GPL 3
[INFO] Copyright: GNU GPL 3
[INFO] Title: Dictionary en -> hu
[INFO] Description: Dictionary en -> hu
[INFO] Year: 2012

[INFO] Reading input dictionary...
[INFO] Parsing the input dictionary...
[INFO] Using the built-in parser...
[INFO] Outputting in Odyssey format to file...
[INFO] Files en-hu.dict and en-hu.dict.idx created successfully!

The problem is, the new idx is ident and the new dict is almost empty :-(

So I think I had a too amateurish approach here - AlPe I think you must help if you can :-)

Thanks, Nat
BR Nat

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