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GRiker, thanks for responding so quickly. Appreciate it.
Obviously you do agree with me on the uselessness and inconsistency of downloaded tags...
Of course it is no big deal to replace the tags field with info from another field (such as my homemade genre column) and then use tags for genre listings. But I am under the impression that tags and genre-labels are both usefull albeit for different purposes. A 'tag' can be used to locate a book on a very specific item. Example: searching on the tag 'India' would (hopefully) provide a listing of all books which have anything to do with India: books from many different genres ranging from military history to love stories to cooking books. As the number of tags for this purpose is almost limitless, to include all tags like 'India' as 'genre' would yield a big and unwieldy catalogue list (which is in fact the problem I am now having). The solution to use/adapt the tags field to reflect only real 'genre' information would solve that problem but negate the option to use tags to find quickly all books with a common denominator.
In the end every user can/will make a choice here, but it would be so nice if that would not be necessary...
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