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Originally Posted by Ripplinger View Post
Not sure about the battery issue. I know I bought my 2nd 350 over a year after they came out and had no battery issues on it.

I can say that the touch screen doesn't show fingerprints much at all. Just a slight thumb movement for me is all it takes to turn the page, and short of doing it while eating super greasy french fries, you shouldn't have any issues with fingerprints. The glass has a really nice finish to it that prevents smudges, I hardly ever have to wipe mine (and I'm like you, the least little speck of dust even bothers me and I have to blow it off immediately). The touch works by infrared light around the screen perimeter, so you barely have to touch the glass, can even advance the page just slightly above the glass without really touching it.
Hmmm that intrigues me. I'm glad to hear this. I'm one of those folks who constantly washes their hands before touching things like this (and my board games ;P) so it sounds like I wouldnt have much of an issue. I kinda regret pulling the trigger on the 300, but just a little. I'm going to keep my eyes on 350 prices and if I see a decent discount in the next year maybe I'll grab one of those too. I think spending more than like 40 bucks right now is probably not in my best interest ;p. All the input is much appreciated.
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