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Originally Posted by Ripplinger View Post
If you love the 300, you might consider taking a look at picking up a PRS-350. It has a much improved screen over the 300, a bit better dpi than the 650, and it's still the small 5" screen you're used to. I've seen new ones still around for between $89-129. If I didn't already have 2 that are still in perfect condition, I'd pick up another!
Haha I really appreciate the recommendation. I was looking at some reviews for the 350 and I think it looks great. However, I made the decision not to roll the dice on the touch screen right now. I dont know if it smudges or not, but I'm the kind of person who gets distracted from the slightest little thing on my screens, so I would probably use the stylus every time (or the buttons at the bottom) and I figured I'd just drive myself crazy haha. Plus, I'm a poor student so I'm kinda blinking at myself for buying the 39 dollar PRS-300 and saying "why the heck did you buy this? Your reader is working fine?" lol

Anyway, do you guys think that the battery is going to be an issue? I mean..the PRS-350 came out a bit later than the 300 so I would imagine the whole "Battery sitting the box for 2-3 years" is the same regardless of which one I picked up. I'm leaning towards there really not being a big problem, but you guys are a lot wiser than myself on these topics ;p
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