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Missing option in Calibre catalog module

First: Hello to who reads this (I am new here)

I have extensively experimented with Calibre (what a nice example of a database GUI). There is however an additional item which I would like to see added to the 'catalog' option. Why? Under 'create a cataloge' the option: 'included sections' lists 6 possible choices: one of those is 'genre'. As it works out, 'genre' is not really a genre but represents the 'tag' column. Unfortunately when you download ebook (collections) you find out that these tags are a hotchpotch of (too) many different references, including booksellers names, series names, strange abbreviations, alfabetic characters etc etc. Only a small part of these tags are genuine 'genres' such as autobiography, thriller, etc. For a catalogue listing these tags are unusable, it creates a huge (!) silly list. Obviously the tags can all be deleted ot adapted but that is a lot of work and also rather futile as you will download new tags all the time.
Consequently I have created a personal column named 'genre', actually exactly following a Calibre example in the FAQ! Here I have listed my own (real) genres...

Would it be possible to add at least one custom column to the choices in the catalogue. Certainly this would also benefit users for other reasons than a proper 'genre' sorting.

Hope someone picks up on this. If I missed something here, please correct me.
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