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Hello. I've just installed COPS 0.2.2 on my Goflex Net running Arch Linux, and it mostly works fine, but for some reason Google Chrome (actually Chromium) won't load any resized cover images. To describe the problem in a bit more detail:

* Loading http://server.local/fetch.php?id=31&height=70 in Chrome makes nginx reply with 500 Internal Server Error.

* Loading http://server.local/fetch.php?id=31 works in Chrome.

* All URLs work fine in Firefox.

* wget -O cover.jpg "http://server.local/fetch.php?id=31&height=70" also works.

* The online demo at works with Chrome.

* If I create a test html document with the line <img src="fetch.php?id=31&amp;height=70"> , I
can load that using Chrome.

* Once the thumbnail has been created with the test document from the point above, Chrome then displays it just fine within COPS, presumably because of caching somewhere.

* Chromium version string: 24.0.1297.0 (Developer Build 162078) Ubuntu 12.10

I'd be grateful if anyone could tell me what the problem might be.
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