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Wonderful. Thanks so much.

I did some testing with my devices and they really don't seem to mind the comma, so I've decided to leave it in but strip the periods in the initials.

The final (for the moment) template came out to be:

{#read}/{author_sort:re(\.|&.*,)}/{series:||/}{series|| }{series_index:0>3s|  | - }{title}/{title}
My next question is a little more problematic (and programmatic). Is there a way to only include the
{series|| }{series_index:0>3s|  | - }{title}/
portion if there are more than 1 book in the series?

For example, I have quite a few books that are parts of series that I only have one book in. I don't need the extra level of "/Series 01- Title/"

I don't know python, but I assume we could do something like a loop through a {series} counting the {series_index} and if the count is greater than 1, include "{series|| }{series_index:0>3s| | - }{title}/" else leave it blank?
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