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Troubleshooting a Save Template.

I have two questions about a save template I am using.

The template is:
{#read}/{author_sort:re(&.*,)}/{series}/{series} {series_index:0>3s| | - }{title}/{title}

and it seems to be working fairly well. But when author has initials for a first name, e.g., J.K. Rowling then the path name becomes Rowling, J.K_ as opposed to Rowling, J.K.

Is there anyway to fix that?

Question the second...
Am I going to run into major issues with having periods and commas in my path? I am mainly using this on PC and an iPad. If so, is there a way to make it "LAST First" instead of "Last, First" and remove the periods but only when I save to disk?

Thanks so much!

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