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Originally Posted by WS64 View Post
I have the Frontlight. I don't use PDFs, so no idea about the reflow, I don't care about this and do not even have any PDFs installed.

Dictionary, this thing is a joke. No idea which words it finds or is supposed to find. It does not find anything in English on the installed English books (I tried to look up words in Dracula). It seems to find (my native) German words though, which of course I do not need. Kindle does this way better.
Mmmh... would you try to put a PDF to help us, please? :P

Your information about the dictionary is very important. So you're telling us that the dictionary function has got problems? Terrible news, indeed.
It's first time I read about this bug, strange. So just the German dictionary works. Is it possible that it is the problem of the dic.install file of the English language?
Thank you, my friend. Your service is very useful for all us.
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