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Post New reader, needs CPU and cloud sync

I've been using an iPad 1 and the Kindle DX.

The Kindle is great for all stuff except three issues:
  1. Large, scanned PDFs (non-text, just image) scans of A4/Letter sized paper, scanned book pages etc. This does not seem to work well. It's waaay too slow. I assume it's the CPU
  2. I like to read at night, but the extra external lamp is not very nice
  3. I like to be able to access notes and highlights in addition to having my read status synced. With Kindle books, this works nicely. With "Personal Content", as in "all other books", I'm not able to access the highlights and notes in a sensible way later

The iPad is great, but I'm mainly using it for reading, so I was thinking my wife could get the pad and I could get something else just for reading.

The Kindle Paperwhite and Kobo Glo seems to be alternatives, but the Kobo device does not seem to handle my syncing requirements, ref. this thread:

But will any of the devices handle reading the PDFs? Like in GoodReader/PDF Expert on the iPad, I zoom in, then just click the right border to jump to next part or page. Works like a charm.
Will I need to get one of the Android or iOS tablets to get this to work, or does any of the eInk based readers handle this well?

In readers like Bookeen Odyssey and others, is there a way of fetching highlights and notes, sync them to something or just store then outside the device(s)?

Other features, like text-to-speech, is nice, but not too important to me.

So, what say ye? What do you recommend?
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