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Post Confusion over library use.

Good Day!
I am a new user, so please pardon my asking a question that may have been asked and answered.

I am trying to use libraries to place my ebooks into useful categories. I am using the calibre library as my current reading list, and as books get read I move them into libraries. I am running 0.9.6 and I am seeing only 12 libraries in the Quick Switch menu (not the reported 24). I can go to switch/create and use the existing library to include one NOT listed in the list of 12.
I see in this forum that we are advised to use a single library, and create shelves (not unlike shelves in a library) using tags. This I certainly can do, but the problem I see is keeping the tags remembered as time goes on. Having them in the Quick Switch means I know what libraries to choose from.

What I am trying to accomplish is being able to see the tree from the forest. I am willing to copy and delete all my books in their libraries back into the calibre library, and then apply tags, but I want to make sure this is what best practices dictate.

The reason I found this is I finished a book and was going to copy/delete it to its appropriate library, but the library was not listed. I thought it had been deleted somehow, but it is there. I scratched my head awhile and tried the switch to existing library and it appeared in the quick switch and copy to library list.

Please advise.

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