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Academic Journal Recipes, errors

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to develop a recipe that takes the journal feed of an Academic Journal and generates epubs / mobi etc from them. The biggest thing is that most journal html pages have separate pages for images and tables that need to be pulled down and then merged into the file for the final document.

Are there any recipes where this kind of processing is done that I could use for examples?

I have tried to do a basic recipe just to see what Calibre will do. The recipe itself is here:

The RSS files that I am using are here:

The output from running "ebook-convert bioinformatics.recipe --test -vv > _test.txt"

is here:

As you can see, no matter which RSS file I use, I always get the same error:

"BrowserStateError: can't fetch relative reference: not viewing any document"

I thought this might originally be due to the "CGI" in the links, so I then tried getting that out, and there was still a redirect happening, and then I modified to get the final actual link that should be gotten, just for testing. This still seems to give the same error message.

So, I would appreciate any insight into what may be going on. Right now I can't even get it to return what it thinks the "link" is that should be used to grab an item.

Appreciate any help anyone can give.


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