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Kobo Glo Firmware Requests

Think there should be a thread for this now (ideally sticky) as there are for earlier Kobos. Much as I like my Glo, there are definitely things which I think need addressing as of firmware version 2.1.5.

I'm sure there will be some crossover from requests already made for the Touch which will be equally applicable to the Glo, but there will also be things that only relate to the Glo.

Things at the top of my list are all related to the light.

1. Fix the bug whereby: if you turn on your Glo manually it uses the sleep settings you have set (good), but if you turn it on using a sleepcover it turns off after about one minute (not good).

2. Fix the settings so that Light and Sleep timeouts are properly independent of one another - at the moment, it is impossible to set a Light timeout longer than the sleep timeout (or to "Never"), which means that every time the Sleep timer puts the Glo to sleep it comes back on with the light off. There is no setting that allows you to keep the light on all the time.

3. Set a lower minimum light level (if this is possible in firmware and has not already been done) - this one doesn't bother me personally, but there are plenty of people requesting it in other threads for reading in very dark rooms.

4. A touchscreen button for turning on the light (for those with a case that doesn't allow easy access to the hardware button, and just for generally easier access) - there is already a light button that shows up on the bottom bar when the light is on, so this could be used to turn the light on and off as well as access the brightness slider. It doesn't have to disappear when the light is off, it could just go black etc. Perhaps hold to turn the light on/off, touch to go through to the slider.

Not Light-related:

5. A definite crossover from the Touch - NEVER allow books which are recently added or modified to knock the current read off the Home screen. I'm amazed this one still hasn't been addressed, as it is so obviously not desirable behaviour. Perhaps there is an argument for putting one or even several newly added books on the Home screen, but there should ALWAYS be a link to the most recent read (or even a list of most recent reads). I find this particularly annoying as it happens even when you merely alter book metadata (using something like Calibre) without adding anything to the library - so just trying to sort the library into appropriate shelves loses your current book. Not useful.

Anyone else want to chip in?

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