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OK, here is my guide - sort of
=== 1st draft ===


1. Not rooted, not re-partitioned, not modified PRS-T2
(if it was rooted, re-partitioned, modified - restore it back - how to restore: you should have asked this question before you touched it)

2. The official firmware for EU and US models must be or earlier. Not sure about RU models.
This guide does not yet cover the newest at this time (2012-11-22) firmware (EU,US) or (RU)

So do those steps:

1. If your firmware is earlier than - update to
Sony explains how to do it.

2. Make the complete backup:
- put rupor-rescue.7z contents (OS Firmware folder) on a micro SD card insert the card, go to recovery mode:
- either by making reset/on while keeping HOME+MENU buttons pressed down (untill the progress indicator of "Opening book..." reaches the end,
- or by command on PC ebook_msc name "PRS-T2" um recovery (for that T2 must be connected to PC via USB).
- connect to PC if not yet connected. A 1.82 GB disk with multiple partitions should be detected.
- make sure that the number of that disk in Windows Disk Manager is less than 10. If it is more than 10 - disconnect some other drives and connect T2 again.
- launch RoadKill select "Store Image" tab, select that physical disk with size 1.82 MB, write some target file name, press Start.
In 2 minutes the backup should be made. Or in 36 minutes - for me, the time varies
- exit the recovery mode by reset or reboot.

There are warnings out there that windows wants to format that disk - do not allow to do so. Of course, do not allow to format that disk!!!
Windows did not make such a proposition to me, though.
If you want to get inside T2 you need to install the driver which is also included in that rescue package, but it is outside this guide. Not needed.

3. perform jailbreak.
For this:
- download rupor-jailbreak.7z, un-7zip it
- put an empty sd card into T2.
- Connect T2 to PC.
- when the sd card is detected as a drive, run flash_reader.bat
- reset T2 when it says on its screen "Done. Reboot me" or something like that.
- connect T2 to PC (if disconnected), enable data transfer mode again.
- save script.log from the root of the sd card drive, take a look at it if everything went ok.

- but if you perform it after AMR and after you already have some apps installed and moved to sd card - uninstall them before you do this step
This procedure increases data partition to over 400 MB and reduces internal sdcard from 1.35 GB to 1.0 GB
If you choose to do it, a partial recovery will no longer be possible (at least, for now, it can be implemented), in case you need to recover, you will have to use the backup file you made in step 2.
But you will never have problems with apps being too large to fit when installing.

For this:
- download rupor-resize.7z, un-7zip it. Again have T2 connected to PC and the external sd card drive mapped to a letter.
- you may delete the stuff from the previous step if any is remaining, perhaps renamed - I think it is renamed.
- run flash_reader.bat
- reset T2 when it says "Done. Reboot me ..."
- reconnect to PC if disconnected, reenablde data transfer.
- instead of previous 1.35 GB drive labeled READER you will now see a 1.0 GB drive without any label. Give it "READER" label. It is needed for further steps.
- save the script.log and also take a look at it, but if you see that 1.0 GB disk instead of 1.35 GB, you did fine.

It performs re-partitioning too. The dictionary partition is increased and the factory reset partition is reduced. Also all Sony dictionaries are copied together from EU and RU models.
US model only has a small subset of EU dictionaries.
So, if you have EU model, you get additionally two dictionaries: RU-EN and EN-RU.
All those dictionaries are available to Sony Dictionary and to Sony Reader which can invoke Dictionary.
Untill you install AMR, switching of dictionaries may not work, T2 will hang and will require reset.

For this:
- download rupor-dicts.7z, un-7zip it.
- again, do the same as in the previous two steps, i.e., run flash_reader.bat eventually.
- then reset T2 when it says Done.
This step is a bit longer, because the size of the dictionaries is larger.

6. ADB (Android Debug Bridge) - VERY OPTIONAL. YOU PROBABLY DON'T NEED IT. It possibly modifies bootloader and recovery partion.
But with ADB you could open a terminal session when T2 is booted and working normally, not in recovery mode.

UPDATE: ADB step is unnecessary if you install Apps2SD because Apps2SD includes also ADB (not tested by me)

If you want to install it:
- download rupor-enable-adb.7z, un-7zip it. Connect T2 to PC in data transfer mode. This time we will need that new 1.0 GB READER disk.
- run flash_reader.bat. After it finishes, T2 reboots and wants to connect to PC again (no reset is needed). So allow it to connect o PC and save the log, this time from the root of the internal sdcard
- you may delete remains of the procedure, if any, maybe just empty folders.

7. Apps2SD - THIS IS AN OPTIONAL STEP. It is even less needed if you did or are about to do re-partitioning.
It allows to move some installed apps from data section to internal sdcard making even more room for other apps to be installed.
You may do re-partitioning or Apps2SD or both. Or neither.

To do it:
- download rupor-enable-asec.7z, un-7zip it. Connect T2 to PC if not connected. Again, you will need the 1.0 GB READER disk.
- run flash_reader.bat. After it finishes, T2 reboots and tries to connect to PC again, no reset needed.
- get the log again. Collect all the logs in case you will need to show them to rupor Again, you may clean after yourself.

8. AMR. FINALLY! THIS we want! (but not the 2012-11-21 version if you have an EU model). I tried it twice, and both times T2 would not boot.
Needed to use the full backup to rescue the device twice in one day. With EU device, better use the previous AMR version, or, possibly the next one, if the issue is fixed.

Anyway, do this again:
- download rupor-minimal.7z, unpack it. Connect T2 to the PC if not yet connected, etc.
- run flash_reader.bat, the device should reboot and be ready (hopefully). Almost certainly with non-eu models.
- get the log.

You can install new versions of AMR as they appear simply the same way, but you cannot go back to an earlier version of AMR.

Anyway, I wrote this from memory (I did those steps 4 times already with T2 devices alone) so I may be off on some points.
Besides, I sort of ran out of steam while typing this ....

Is there something important left?
How to restore using the previously made full backup?
It is possible. I did it twice today. It involves putting the same files on sd card as when you made backup in step 2, doing reset, pressing ON while holding down HOME and MENU untill the progress indicator reaches the right end.
Then (or before) you connect to PC and it should see that 1.82 GB physical multi-partition disk.
You use RoadKill again, this time in "Write Image" mode and with the previously stored backup file chosen.
This is a dangerous step - if your PC misbehaves, you may have a dead T2.
Better connect PC to UPS, disconnect all the external drives, reboot, do not run any applications, close antivirus if possible (so it does not suddenly start updating or does not get interested in that drive, causing a time out, etc.)
Anyway, be afraid.
It takes about 9-10 minutes
However, when I was making backups, instead of usual 2 minutes, sometimes it took 36 minutes, and with dd command from Cygwin instead of RoadKill - more than 2 hours. So PC clearly does misbehave. It would be very dangerous when recovering.

Don't forget to have T2 fully charged for all those operations and for recovery especially.

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