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Originally Posted by NiLuJe View Post
@YukonTrooper: Not really, no. The Fonts hack does the job on the custom fonts front, and the rest is trivial enough that using the Calibre plugin is way more user-friendly than anything I could come up with.

@blaser: The setup script is quite correct. It's just not made to be run in any other environment than the update process, where the system is in a limited runlevel, with nothing potentially annoying running in the background, and, more importantly, where the rootfs is rw (that's not to say it can't be installed manually, just, not with the same install script. [you'd at the very least need a rw rootfs, but you're on your own]).

So, yeah, we do need more info/logs about what happened when you tried run it like everyone, via the ota updater.


1. Yep, you got it right, linkjail/info.txt & usbnet/info.txt .
2. You need to uninstall the jailbreak first to be able to update it.

@NiLuJe, thanks for your quick answers. I would like to know from you...

1, to update jailbreak and usbnetwork, I need to uninstall them first. then, which one I should uninstall first, usbnetwork or jailbreak? From my understanding, it should be usbnetwork, because it depends on jailbreak, right?

2, is there any easy way to restore my K3w to the original status, just like a new k3w device?

thank you in the advanced.
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