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Originally Posted by artaeun View Post
Hey guys, i just did a little script today to help me put some mangas on my kobo, and i thought i'd share it with you guys.
Anyone wanting to have a nice collection of manga volumes in just one CBR or CBZ should find this particularly comfortable.
What this script does it that it basically puts all files in a sub-directory in order and renames them properly, so that if you have a folder in which you've downloaded several chapters (or hundreds of chapters) of a manga with a program like "DomDom Manga downloader" (google it), it will extract every page in the root in order, so that you can compress them immediately and store the CBR in your kobo.

Maybe this will seem confusing to some of you, so i'll just describe the procedure:

- First, download "DomDom Manga downloader" from here;
- Install it (you'll need to have installed .NET Framework to make it work; just keep your windows updated and you won't have problems opening it).
- Open it and download a manga of your choice (just right-click and choose "Download all"). You'll find a folder with the manga's name in your C:\ Drive; DomDom downloads there by default.
- Now download ActivePython from here (the script is made in python) and install it. Once everything's up and running download the script_manga.rar and extract it's contents in the root directory of the manga you've downloaded and launch the file.
If for example you've downloaded HunterXHunter, you'll have a folder in C: called "HunterXHunter" with inside, folders still called "Hunter X Hunter" and numbered from 1 to 323. Just copy the script alongside these folders and double click it.
- Once the script has finished working, you'll find tons of jpg files numbered from 00001 to X (where X is a big number of pages ).
- Now just select all pages, right click them (and if you have WinRar installed) and just choose "add to archive". Once the archiving is done, rename the file from "archivename.rar" to "archivename.cbr".
- uploaded into your kobo and have fun

if there are any questions or problems with this little guide i made, just tell me and i'll correct it ASAP. When i'll have a bit more time I'm gonna make a more complete program that manages all by itself meanwhile, enjoy ^^
thank you man it works very well! it's awesome and I'm using it with great pleasure! I have not alredy tryed it on a e ink device because the kobo is out of stock in my city but I will try soon I hope!

I had only one bug with one of my manga collections, there were few png scans and the rest were all jpg, I have found the folders empty except of the png scans that remain there (I belive that the png scans have been ignored, but I'm not sure because the final work was a very large number of pages and I couldn't discover if they miss from the original, also because the original were cancelled frim the folders).

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